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BWII PSG by Neurovirtual

The ultimate in portability and technology, this new polysomnography system from Neurovirtual can be used to analyze & diagnose several types of sleep disorders. It provides 20 digital channels, including: 6 EEG, 2 OCG, 1 ECG, 1 Air Flow, 2 Effort Belts, 1 Body Position, 1 Snore, 1 Chin, 1 Legs, 2 Nonin Oximeter, and plus 2 Aux channels (1 A/C and 1 D/C).

The BWAnalysis Software included provides for PSG recording and review, and also allows for the easy location of any examination point, sleep stage or event. Also includes diagrams of all captured signals, automatic detection of desaturations and apnea statistics, micro-arousals, hypnograms, and other associated polysomnographic data.

The report writer allows easy generation of complete reports, including graphics, tables and diagrams. The report formats can be fully customized, patient data can be imported automatically, and graphics configured to the user's preference. Reports can also be exported into Microsoft Office.

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